Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alligator clips...with teeth!

Materials needed: 1 strip of adhesive velcro (adhesive-awesome huh). 1 bow-it's up to you how blurry your bow is-I struggle with cameras sometimes...Cut off a small strip of your big velcro strip.
Peel off the backing.
Stick inside the chomper of your alligator clip and Voila! You have an alligator clip with teeth. This really helps keep bows on my baby's head, it does not prevent her from pulling them off her head though-I'm still working on a formula for that (silk mittens maybe?)
On my big girls' head, I have sometimes pulled little hairs (ouch) to get it out.
However, I don't have to worry about losing all our clips in one outing at the park.
And there you have it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take Two!

Wow, it's been a while and much has happened since I last posted. I guess that's the beauty of having a blog, you can take a break when life gets crazy, and come back to it later.
I have to say first off, I am in love with Babes in Hairland, what a doll that woman is! I feel so honored that she used my measley tip on her amazing blog. Thanks mom @ babesinhairland, that was way too sweet of you.
As I was saying, I started this business/blog with high hopes and lots of great ideas, however, life doesn't always sync with my great ideas, so I had to go MIA for a while. It's funny how my hands can't keep up with my brain either, so frustrating, I need to just switch over and be a robot. I could get so much done, and I bet I could even make dinner too, and get my floor mopped...woah, let's not get carried away.
Here's what I would like to do, I really love to make bows, and little hair accessories, they are too too fun, but blog selling kinda stinks, so I'm trying to get a website started. However, I love the blog world, I love hearing tips and tricks and I love sharing mine. I think I just wanna do that. I would love to make this blog into a "Hey, here's a good idea" blog, and separate the business part. That makes more sense to my brain too, and that poor guy struggles-believe me!
I want to thank Babes in Hairland again, she totally rox! And thanks to my cute little following, you guys seriously make me smile! I hope this is the beginning of many good things!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a little trick I know...

I love to use alligator clips, they are easy and quick, however, they do not always like to stay put, so here's a little trick to make them stay still!
I don't think you can see this very well, but I just used one of those little rubber bands that you get like 800 of them when you buy those packages.
I tried to use different, bright colors to help you see it.
You put it around one side of the clip...Then you stretch that sucker with all your might.

Go under the ponytail or bun or braid or whatever creation you have made today...

And hook it on the other side of the clip! Voila!
I promise, this works very well! I used this trick on my daughter all through 3 days at Disneyland, and the bows stayed right where I put them from the time she got out of bed till I put her in the bathtub at night.