Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alligator clips...with teeth!

Materials needed: 1 strip of adhesive velcro (adhesive-awesome huh). 1 bow-it's up to you how blurry your bow is-I struggle with cameras sometimes...Cut off a small strip of your big velcro strip.
Peel off the backing.
Stick inside the chomper of your alligator clip and Voila! You have an alligator clip with teeth. This really helps keep bows on my baby's head, it does not prevent her from pulling them off her head though-I'm still working on a formula for that (silk mittens maybe?)
On my big girls' head, I have sometimes pulled little hairs (ouch) to get it out.
However, I don't have to worry about losing all our clips in one outing at the park.
And there you have it.


  1. That's a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing! I now have some bows to doctor...

  2. Awesome tip! Love you! Never even have thought of that before

  3. You are so clever, Nickie. I am very proud of you. I wish I were creative like you are. Now let's see if I can post this comments.

  4. Hey there, my good friend told me about your blog, and a nifty trick to keep bows in. I have a hair blog too--let's chat and swap links! My email addy is Your stuff is darling! I had fun visiting and now I'm a follower.