Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take Two!

Wow, it's been a while and much has happened since I last posted. I guess that's the beauty of having a blog, you can take a break when life gets crazy, and come back to it later.
I have to say first off, I am in love with Babes in Hairland, what a doll that woman is! I feel so honored that she used my measley tip on her amazing blog. Thanks mom @ babesinhairland, that was way too sweet of you.
As I was saying, I started this business/blog with high hopes and lots of great ideas, however, life doesn't always sync with my great ideas, so I had to go MIA for a while. It's funny how my hands can't keep up with my brain either, so frustrating, I need to just switch over and be a robot. I could get so much done, and I bet I could even make dinner too, and get my floor mopped...woah, let's not get carried away.
Here's what I would like to do, I really love to make bows, and little hair accessories, they are too too fun, but blog selling kinda stinks, so I'm trying to get a website started. However, I love the blog world, I love hearing tips and tricks and I love sharing mine. I think I just wanna do that. I would love to make this blog into a "Hey, here's a good idea" blog, and separate the business part. That makes more sense to my brain too, and that poor guy struggles-believe me!
I want to thank Babes in Hairland again, she totally rox! And thanks to my cute little following, you guys seriously make me smile! I hope this is the beginning of many good things!


  1. Ah, you're to kind! Know that I only post stuff that I LOVE and that really works for me, so thank YOU for being so smart & coming up w/that! I was afraid you'd be bugged that I made the video & posted it - so I'm glad you were ok with it! And I hear you in the "robot" department! I need a maid! Good luck getting everything figured out - I know it's hard to juggle everything and keep a happy medium with it all. Hang in there!

  2. That blog sounds fantastic. It could be about anything. I think you should start it. It wouldn't have to be just about businesses. It could be, hey, here's a good idea--and then give a cure for depression or a cure for fat hips or for the sugar cravings. Yah, you should do it and they could be all whacky and not really work, either.